Because boys don’t like fat girls

Why am I doing this?

Because guys don’t like girls who are fat. Not sexually, not romantically, not to date, fall in love with, and marry.

I know it’s one of those “superficial” reasons for exercising and eating well that we’re not supposed to admit to. But I don’t really think it’s that superficial. Being physically attracted to someone is important in a relationship. It’s important to the vast majority (if not all!) men and definitely something that’s essential for me.

I think that wanting to date people who are in shape is a lot less superficial than wanting to date only people with stunning beautiful faces or symmetrical features. There’s nothing inherently wrong with preferring beauty, but beauty isn’t really representative of any other values the person may have. Being physically fit, however, does suggest that the person values health to some extent, probably exercises regularly, tries not to eat badly, and probably transfers those values/that attitude to other important areas of life, such as work and relationships. I know that not everyone who is overweight is lazy and that some people have physical and health limitations that prevent them from looking “in shape”, but the rest of us don’t really have an excuse. I know what I look like when I’m fit, and this is not it. When I’m in my best shape, it usually represents quite a few months of hard work, discipline and balance in the important parts of my life.

The guys I tend to find attractive are thin and prefer thinner girls. They also tend to value having goals in life, being active physically, socially, and in one’s career, and are generally interesting, engaging people who work hard and go after what they want. I feel that I can either settle for guys I don’t really like, or increase my value.



The red dress

There’s something about a little red dress

I have this vision of myself in 100 days, wearing a gorgeous red cocktail dress. It’s brighter than the one this gorgeous model is wearing, with a jewel detail at the neckline, but it sends the same message: I’m a confident young woman who is in her prime. Right now, it looks bad on me because my thighs are un-toned and my midsection is flabby, but I can’t wait to get into when I really have something to celebrate.

Preferably, I will be holding some pretty cocktail or other, and will be surrounded with my best friends, motivators and mentors.

Preferably, it will be a reward for actually seeing something through.