Day 83

Exercise: 45 min Pilates+cardio
Work: 240 min
Social: 60 min

345 min

Summer term is over. I’m kind Of glad. I got really upset when I read some of my evaluations. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some people who will never take responsibility for their failure and who never recognize or acknowledge the help someone tries to give them. There were a few students who signed up for an intensive course, didn’t like having to put in the hard work and the complained that my course wasn’t the only thing in their lives and that I did nothing to help them. These are the same people who never met once outside of class despite my advice to make an appointment. These are the people who would leave class for 10 minutes each session. The problem isn’t that my course isn’t the only thug in your life: the problem is that you think that’s an excuse for being lazy and blaming a hard working instructor for the result of your poor choices. I did get many positive comments, my favourite from a student who liked the fact that I was not an easy grader but was always very fair, have valuable feedback, and rewarded effort and hard work. It made me smile to know that even thigh I’m not a crowd pleaser, I get the respect of people who matter.

The next month is going to be about my research and my fitness. I’m going to finish 24,000 minutes before embarking on a new challenge I’ve been considering.


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