Day 72

  • Fitness/Well-being: 70 min

Pop Pilates Day 27 (Beginner) + Cleaned apartment including scrubbing tub thoroughly, sweeping and washing my make-up brushes

  • Social: 30 min

Talked to Dad on the phone.

  • Work: 180 min

Reading, lesson prep, grading

Total: 280 min

I finished the Blogilates beginner calendar. I highly recommend checking out the website (http:/ and giving it a try yourself. It is a useful way to start getting back into shape if you used to workout and stopped, or if you are new to the world of fitness. It took me well over a month to finish the challenge due to a combination of feeling consistently down, travelling and being lazy.

I also admitted to myself that my “down” moods happen often enough (every few days) and are troubling me sufficiently that I need to seek help. Everyone has fluctuations in mood but I experience them all the time. Looking over my posts on this blog let me see that when I am having a bad day, it is really, really bad and for apparently no reason. Tiny things will set me off and send me to a dark place of despair, insecurity and worthlessness. It leaves me in a slushy state of inertia that I can’t escape on my own. I told my dad that I was going to make an appointment with my school’s psychological services. He has encouraged me to do it.


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