What we record and why we share

Hello readers. I am home, on the island of Mauritius. The journey home was long and arduous but I made it. I have already been spoiled by my mum and am relishing the tropical weather, cool breeze drifting in through the windows and the freshness that bed linens only seem to have in hot countries.

I have thought carefully about what I want to do this summer, and in particular, during the first part of my holiday, the six weeks at home. I have three main projects:
1) recording everything I do here and taking photos of the food I eat, places I see, people I am with.
2) work a documentary about Mauritius
3) create a new family album

I reflected on why I wanted to undertake these projects and what it meant in terms of sharing. For the first question – why? – it is simple. I want to record everything because memory is fallible. I know I had a wonderful time here last summer but I can’t remember most of it – the details are lost, whole days are blurred and that’s sad. I want to be able to go back to my journal and photos and even if they don’t trigger memories, I will have more of a sense of what happened. And proof that it really did happen. It’s so easy to forget and then wonder what was real and what you have embellished. For my second project, I was inspired by a class I took and want to present my perspective on Mauritius. My final project stems from a desire to have more family pictures and albums – all I have are the old ones and I think we have lost many years by not photographing special moments.

The privacy/sharing issue took more thought. What goes on my blog? What goes on Facebook? Should anything be online? I decided that the first project is very personal so the journal will be handwritten and the photos kept to myself. I may occasionally post an excerpt from my journal here and add some of the photos to Facebook but most will be mine only. The documentary of Mauritius will be made public on a separate blog and I hope to use it to apply for a grant and enter it into a contest. I might most some of the raw material but for the most part, only the final edited product will be shown on a professional blog. Finally, the album is also personal so I will only share it with my family and closest friends, perhaps posting a few I of the best shots to Facebook.

I know that I want to limit my time online and particularly on Facebook while I’m here. My main purpose here is to be with my family, work on my projects, play the piano and enjoy time off. Therefore, I have told myself that I will not post my holiday photos until this is over. Editing, uploading, curating – they all take time away from the holiday itself. I have also realized that it can come across as attention seeking and show-off-y to post every single picture as soon as it’s taken. It’s also not very intriguing since people always know what you’re doing and where you are.

I will continue this blog with my usual short documentary posts. For the next 6 weeks, “work” = photography projects, piano, writing.


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