60%: Making choices or saying no to wine

I learned something this morning when I had to wake up to get to a 7:30 volunteer shift I had signed up for, after only 6 hours of sleep and a department party that included several glasses of wine.

I got to my shift (5 minutes late) but felt rushed, annoyed and exhausted. I got to come home and collect myself after that, and sleep a bit more but I realized it could all have been avoided. I was supposed to stay out only 1-2 hours last night. Instead, I spent about 4-5 hours drinking and eating at a fun party because I wanted to believe we can have it all.

Well we can’t have it all. At least, not all at once. There are times when some things that are important to you will take priority and that’s something to deal with. Because when you say yes to everything, give into the desire to be excessive, it hurts the people and projects you have given your word to.

I am so sick of being pressured to achieve some kind of work/life balance. it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t even make sense. Not all the areas of your life require equal attention at all times. Successful people are willing to be unbalanced when one area is in need of more work than others. I am starting to think that what causes people distress isn’t the so-called imbalance but the social pressure to maintain the illusion of balance.

And I should have said no to the wine. I can’t really do more than one glass without suffering the consequences, being a woman of Indian descent in he mid-twenties.

So say no to the wine, yes to imbalance, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it.


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