First 5k

I ran my first 5k today. Finished in 40 minutes. I know this isn’t a great time. I stopped and walked several times during the race. I breathed hard, sweat, and my legs ached. But I finished – I came to the finish line, running, and was definitely not the last person in.

I am proud of myself for doing it, even though it was kind of embarrassing at times and it’s definitely not something that comes naturally to me.

I also learned:

1) Running outside is way more difficult than running on a treadmill, and SO much harder than an elliptical. Screw what I look like, I am going outside more. There’s no way around it.

2) You need to train for a race. That’s how you build stamina, confidence and learn to pace yourself without the bounce from a machine. I will sign up for a 10k for the end of summer and actually train for it.

3) There’s only so far exercise will take you in terms of fitness/weight loss. I saw some of my race pictures and didn’t really like the way I looked in them. I definitely need to work on watching what I eat more, exercising consistently – a mix of running/cardio, weight lifting and stretching/Pilates. The cardio is important for me because I want to burn a lot of calories, the weight lifting to build muscle, the stretching to prevent injuries and help tone, and the diet obviously because there are only so many calories one can burn and some foods do no one any good.

Anyway, I am proud of myself for doing this. I ran with some friends who are all fitter than me, have either been weight lifting or running longer than I have, but who were all super supportive and not judgmental. It was a new way for me to socialize, and it was good.,


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