Day 58

  • Social: 60 min

Late night High Five Friday. Super fun!

  • Well-being: 120 min

$15 hair cut & massage. I love student salons: good for basic services and affordable.

  • Exercise: 60 min

Finally got some in after a lazy week.

Sad news: didn’t get the writing center consultant job. It was disappointing. That job meant the possibility of being the teaching supervisor in my department next year. It’s just not going to happen, not right now anyway. I really thought this would be my chance and I put so much effort into this, into working against everything stacked against me. I’m trying to stay positive and see this as part of the path to something better that is really meant for me. I’m going to go for a run just now because even though I’m trying to stay in a good frame of mind, I do feel a bit discouraged. I need to sweat and cry.

Nice things: Boo Radley members wrote compliments on each other’s backs this week. It was super sweet and I got a lot of compliments about my style. A student told me she thought I was ‘so pretty’ at the end of our last class. And I got compliments on my hair. All of these are little ego boosts, and who doesn’t need those sometimes? 🙂


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