50%: Life has changed

Life has changed for the better since January when this idea first came to mind. In January, I was completely out of shape, frequently depressed, often lonely and always full of self-doubt and negative, anxious thoughts. No, I have not become a skinny, confident goddess or social magnet in this short time, but when I look at a typical day now, compared to then, it is very different.

My calendar is always full, with a mix of projects, papers, interviews/job opportunities and social events. I see a variety of people and do various volunteering/fun events during the week and I almost always have plans on a Friday or Saturday. In fact, I find myself having to turn down invitations sometimes just to keep a somewhat balanced schedule. I exercise regularly and crave the sweat and ache that comes with a serious session of weight-lifting or running on the treadmill. I feel as competitive as I did as my 17-year-old self who believed she was amazing and was going to be “somebody”. I’m currently running a 12-13 minute mile (ugh) and get annoyed with myself. I want to get my pace down to 10 min/mile, especially by the time half-marathon comes round in October. I’m going for a run outside next week, with my friend, and running a 5k next weekend.

Yes, life has changed. For the better.


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