Earning it: The Month of Discipline

I’ve done pretty well in the last 30 or so days, gradually incorporating exercise into my life again, being somewhat disciplined and being more active socially and professionally. Last night, I went to a much-awaited event that I had planned with friends. It was extremely fun as I liked all the people I had invited and feel comfortable with them. We dressed up, went to a nice place, ate, drank, laughed, it was good. But, it was a bit of a let-down. In my mind, I had envisioned it as the culmination of all my efforts after three months of very hard work. I’ve been working, but it hasn’t yet been 100 days or even close, and I’ve haven’t been living a truly disciplined lifestyle. I’ve been indulgent with myself – exercising but not as much as I once did, eating whatever I want (not particularly healthy), shopping, not working as much as I need to. So this month, I want to go extra crazy with my goals and be insanely disciplined. That means going a little longer and harder with the exercise, transitioning to a diet that eliminates sugar and is very low in carbs, being focused on my work and Boo Radley events, being clean (in every way), sleeping well, staying calmer, and being less self-indulgent.

When I have an end-of-semester night out at the end of next month, I want to feel I’ve really earned it and wear a strapless dress.


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