Tales from the Bus: #6 Chance encounters with students

This isn’t the first time I’ve met a student on the bus.

This morning, I was headed to campus. The woman behind me was speaking in Spanish and English on her phone. Usually, people having long conversations on public transport irritate me, but she wasn’t being loud and she wasn’t discussing overly personal things, so I was able to tune it out and didn’t really think about it.

Then I felt a tap on my shoulder.

To my surprise, it was a student currently in my film class! We had a pleasant conversation about the interview she had just had for a summer internship, about the films we were watching in my class, and I was happy to hear that she was enjoying the class. Sometimes, I’m not sure what some students think about the material. She seemed enthusiastic about it. I also learned that her family is Cuban, that she is native speaker of Spanish and that English is in fact her second language (couldn’t tell at all from listening to her!). I like it when my students see me out and about, and feel like they can come up to me, and want to have a chat. If you hate your instructor, you go out of your way to avoid them.

So one more reason to love public transport: for those fleeting coincidences that allow you to get to know people you only know in a limited context a little better, for a few minutes.


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