Tales from the bus #5: I’m a loud bitch and I don’t care

I was riding the bus this weekend and a couple of vaguely Indie-looking girls were on it too. College students. One was cute and was wearing silver threaded tights, the other had cool half-frame glasses but had the infamous “bitch face”.

The bitch just wouldn’t shut up. Her friend was talking about buying yoga pants and she immediately pulled a face and started giving a speech about how they were so “out” and how “people who actually practice yoga don’t wear yoga pants”. I hate the condescending know-it-all tone she used. I have a special contempt for the so-called “alternative” crowd that is so rigid about rules that are just as arbitrary as those required to fit into the mainstream. The dumb bitch started going on about how “yoga pants are the go-to accessory for every middle-aged housewife who’s decided to try yoga for five minutes”. She clearly thought she was being funny but she just came across as incredibly negative and mean-spirited. She also spoke at the top of her lungs, as though she weren’t on a bus where other people were forced to listen to her and had a twang.

When her friend whispered for her to keep it down a bit, she pretended to be embarrassed and admitted to having a “loud fucking voice”. Fucking bitch couldn’t keep her mouth shut. It got worse – she started swearing and talking even louder, bragging about how she was failing a class on differential equations. How stupid do you have to be to fail a freshman class on differential eqs and boast about it?

One of the most annoying bitches of the bus yet.


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