Gratitude Post

Days where I feel really happy and everything seems to go smoothly are rare. I call these charmed days.

When I’m lucky enough to experience one of these, I try to note down all the great things that happened:

1) It’s a wonderfully sunny days, and not windy

2) The film round table was cancelled. I’m happy, even though I shouldn’t be, because the paper I was supposed to submit wasn’t ready. I’ve been putting it off because it’s not a topic I want to revisit and it was making me really stressed, hanging over my head. No need to spend any more time worrying about it!

3) Had a good conversation with my Dad late last night

4) I got the teaching facilitator position I interviewed for last month! I was so happy to get the e-mail last week. I am excited.

5) I got feedback on my interview for exec board. I was happy to hear they thought I was a great candidate and that the reasons why I wasn’t chosen were what I suspected: I’m brand new/don’t have a lot of experience/haven’t had time to form relationships with the new members. Also, they were worried about whether time would be an issue since I am a PhD student, a teacher, and already a member of a couple of boards.

6) I managed to make it to a Boo Radley event today. This means that I’ve met the minimum requirement of 8! I am a true Boo.

7) Got to have lunch with a Boo. Delicious food and I’m excited to get to know different members better.

8) I got a new dress today. White lace top with a mint green chiffon skirt. It’s gorgeous and looks like Spring.


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