Day 32: Pilates challenge

Exercise: 30 min

I am done with the first circuit of the challenge. It was still hard at the end, though not as bad as when I first started. I am re-doing the second and third circuits, but with the 5lb weights. The first workout with that weight was HARD. It’s the added resistance that’s making it more difficult, but I want to master it before moving onto another strength training workout.

I’m also doing Cassey Ho’s ( 28-day beginner Pilates calendar. I recently discovered Cassey’s videos and I really like her approach. Simple exercises still made me feel like I was working different parts of my body, and I like the way she packages Pilates and makes it fun and approachable. I also like her story. Coming from a South Asian background, I know what it’s like to feel pressure to follow a “traditional” professional career path, to be unhappy with that and to long to do something else, involving art, fitness or self-improvement. I like that she found a way to live off what she enjoys, that she produces high quality content and that she redefined success in her family’s eyes.

Well-being: 60 min

Gave myself a massage, cooked dinner


Work: 120 min

Reading for my class on Marseille & writing up my commentary about the film

Total: 210 min


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