It takes a month for you to see changes…

It takes a month for you to see yourself changing, two for your friends to notice, and three for the rest of the world to pay attention.

Well. It’s been 4 weeks. Here are the minutes I have accumulated:

Minutes from Week 1: 1644.

Minutes from Week 2: 2007

Minutes from Week 3: 1790

Minutes from Week 4: 2220

Total so far: 7671 min

The total minutes required at this point are 6720, so I’ve gone slightly over.

    Do I see changes in myself so far?

A few. I feel I’ve gathered some momentum, despite the fact that there have been some “breaks”, some gaps between the 28 days. When I look at myself in the mirror, my skin seems to look better without make-up, and my upper arms looked more defined. I feel like a calmer and kinder person. The second month is supposed to be the one in which changes really start to become visible, if one sticks to the plan, so I want to kick it off the right way with Spring break.


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