A well-spent Spring break

There are a few things I want to do during spring break:

  • Increase my exercise to an average of 1 hour a day
  • Get a good chunk of reading/film watching done for my exams
  • Blog about these daily

I also want to complete these tasks that have been sitting on my to-do list for a while:

  • Re-write my Algeria paper
  • Re-write my paper on trauma and the everyday for publication

Finally, I will make a little time to:

  • Meet up with a couple of people also staying in town for break to get to know them better.
  • Walk outside while the weather remains nice, enjoy the good light, and take some pictures.
  • Get back on a normal sleep schedule – about 7-8 hours a night, with a bed time that remains constant (and before midnight!) and a rise time that is relatively early.

I just deleted the Facebook app from my phone because I realized how mindlessly I use it. I check it in the morning, before I go to bed, and several times in between, just because it’s become an automatic reflex, something I go to when I’m bored or want to distract myself. During this break, I will limit myself to checking/using Facebook twice a day  and no more. There are better things to do than allow your focus to be constantly interrupted.


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