Day 22

Social: 90 min
Meeting at my committee captain’s place to cut, staple and string bubble wrap together for our event coming up in TWO DAYS, “Pop your stress”. Out of 10 people, 5 showed up. I had a busy schedule today, and this meeting was scheduled last-minute because almost everyone cancelled their attendance at the meeting that we were supposed to have last night. I couldn’t stay for the whole time, but I pushed back some other events in my schedule today so that I could stay longer than I’d initially anticipated. I have to admit I was a little resentful of having to come in to campus last-minute, but I’m so glad I did. It’s our responsibility as committee members to do our part and help make this event fantastic. I was pleased to be able to chat to people on my committee and see our work pay off in front of our eyes, but I was a little irritated and those who hadn’t come and didn’t seem to be making an effort. It reminded me why I am applying to be exec board member: some people like the idea of the organization, I actually like everything that goes into making it what it is. There’s a lot of planning that goes into those fun events people take part in, and I like being part of it. I do my very best to be there, do my part and not slack off, even on busy days, and going so far as to rearrange my schedule to accommodate Boo. I’d say I am dedicated.

Exercise: 30 min
Circuit training, upgraded to 5lb weights.

Well-being: 45 min
Cooking dinner and having lunch ready for my busy day tomorrow.

Work: 330 min
Working on lesson, guidelines for final project, writing second exam for film course and reading for my own exams.

Total: 495 min


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