6 weeks

6 weeks in. Wow! Here are the minutes I have accumulated:

Minutes from Week 1: 1644.

Minutes from Week 2: 2007

Minutes from Week 3: 1790

Minutes from Week 4: 2220

Minutes from Week 5: 1825

Minutes from Week 6: 2022

Total so far: 11,518

The total minutes required at this point are 10,080, so I’ve gone over the minimum, which is good.


Day 42

Exercise: 30 min (Day of of Pilates beginner calendar + two short cardio dance routines)
Well-being: 120 min (grocery shopping, cleaning apartment, cooking)
Work: 120 min (prep for class & reading)

Total: 270 min

40%: How do you put aside feelings of rejection?

Close female friendships can sometimes be more painful than relationships when they go wrong, start to fizzle out, or end. I’ve had relationships before that came to sudden and dramatic ends, others that faded quietly as we grew apart due to distance or years, and some that never officially changed yet were deeply different, less strong and far less fulfilling than they once were. I find these endings harder to deal with than the end of romantic relationships because our culture places the “forever and ever” expectation on friendships more so than on romantic relationships. I think most people accept that many romantic relationships won’t work out, that many people will grow out of  love, but we don’t expect friendships to expire. And yet they do, alarmingly often.

I had written earlier this month about some of the emotions I’m struggling with in one friendship. Every time I log onto Facebook, it’s like a punch in the gut, because there are photos of this friend with whom I was really close just last semester, out with another mutual friend all the time, to places I’ve not been invited. I talked to her about this earlier this year and she assured me that nothing was wrong, nothing had changed and that her schedule just lined up with our other friend’s. But I don’t believe it. She makes excuses about not having time to see me – yet she has time to see this girl several times a week, during her free time. And for the schedule? My schedule is very open/flexible, but she wouldn’t know, because she never bothered to find out. What’s so difficult about texting? Calling? Even though we don’t see each other on campus everyday, that’s not an excuse not to take any initiative to make plans. I even feel she was kind of lukewarm to me at the event I organized this week. I feel the distance between us growing and I resent her for it because I feel that she isn’t being honest with me. I hate it when people won’t say how they really feel, despite it being obvious that something has changed and despite being asked privately about it.

So, what to do when you’re trying to stay positive, achieve your goals and be happy? It’s a really damper on motivation and a sense of well-being when someone you consider a true friend gradually becomes colder towards you and involves you less and less in her life. I’ve made the mistake of really dwelling on these feelings in the past, crying a lot, feeling disappointed, victimized and resentful towards everyone. I can’t let myself do that this time. I have limited time and so much still to build in my life. I think that the thing to remember here is that the people in our lives, even those we consider our closest friends and truest lovers are only with us temporarily, and that it is foolish to count on them as the main source of happiness. They are one aspect of happiness, an important one, but I think that it is naïve to have expectations of life-long friendships. Having these ideals is what makes the reality so painful. I believe in passionate, enriching and joyful friendships – but like all things, we should expect that they will last for a limited time only. There will be other people. There will be other friends, other boyfriends, other husbands even.

At this 40% mark in my journey, I feel like I’ve made good progress towards rebuilding my feelings of motivation and already had some mini-achievements. This was the easing in phase, re-adjusting to being motivated after a long slumber. Now is the time to work hard and have sharp focus, not to be bogged down by something so fleeting. We make our happiness. I am really starting to believe that. When I was feeling sorry for myself when I saw the photos, I remembered – I can’t blame her for the fact that she is out with people having fun and I am sitting here feeling shitty and looking at them, feeling left out. I could have scheduled to be at a race today, I could have had lunch with other people, I could have gone on a date. I made the decision not to plan other things and this was the result.


Day 40: Pilates Challenge Day #8

  • Exercise: 35 min

Day #8 completed. I wanted to cry at several points during my workout today because my legs were so sore. Perhaps it’s a good thing?

  • Social: 60 min

It’s recruitment season for our department. Went to lunch with some colleagues and a potential new grad. student. She seems interesting, is also international and seemed very enthusiastic about meeting all of us.

  • Work: 120 min


Total: 215 min


Earning it: The Month of Discipline

I’ve done pretty well in the last 30 or so days, gradually incorporating exercise into my life again, being somewhat disciplined and being more active socially and professionally. Last night, I went to a much-awaited event that I had planned with friends. It was extremely fun as I liked all the people I had invited and feel comfortable with them. We dressed up, went to a nice place, ate, drank, laughed, it was good. But, it was a bit of a let-down. In my mind, I had envisioned it as the culmination of all my efforts after three months of very hard work. I’ve been working, but it hasn’t yet been 100 days or even close, and I’ve haven’t been living a truly disciplined lifestyle. I’ve been indulgent with myself – exercising but not as much as I once did, eating whatever I want (not particularly healthy), shopping, not working as much as I need to. So this month, I want to go extra crazy with my goals and be insanely disciplined. That means going a little longer and harder with the exercise, transitioning to a diet that eliminates sugar and is very low in carbs, being focused on my work and Boo Radley events, being clean (in every way), sleeping well, staying calmer, and being less self-indulgent.

When I have an end-of-semester night out at the end of next month, I want to feel I’ve really earned it and wear a strapless dress.

Gratitude Post

Days where I feel really happy and everything seems to go smoothly are rare. I call these charmed days.

When I’m lucky enough to experience one of these, I try to note down all the great things that happened:

1) It’s a wonderfully sunny days, and not windy

2) The film round table was cancelled. I’m happy, even though I shouldn’t be, because the paper I was supposed to submit wasn’t ready. I’ve been putting it off because it’s not a topic I want to revisit and it was making me really stressed, hanging over my head. No need to spend any more time worrying about it!

3) Had a good conversation with my Dad late last night

4) I got the teaching facilitator position I interviewed for last month! I was so happy to get the e-mail last week. I am excited.

5) I got feedback on my interview for exec board. I was happy to hear they thought I was a great candidate and that the reasons why I wasn’t chosen were what I suspected: I’m brand new/don’t have a lot of experience/haven’t had time to form relationships with the new members. Also, they were worried about whether time would be an issue since I am a PhD student, a teacher, and already a member of a couple of boards.

6) I managed to make it to a Boo Radley event today. This means that I’ve met the minimum requirement of 8! I am a true Boo.

7) Got to have lunch with a Boo. Delicious food and I’m excited to get to know different members better.

8) I got a new dress today. White lace top with a mint green chiffon skirt. It’s gorgeous and looks like Spring.