The Mystery of the Box

On Valentine’s day, I received a text from my old neighbor telling me that there was a package from VS with my name on it. I thought that was weird because I haven’t shopped their for a long time and at first, I assumed it was some magazines. I kept looking for a moment to meet up with her and collect it, but it’s been a busy week. In the end, I told her to open it and it turns out it was lingerie/night wear with a note that let me know immediately that it was from an ex. It was one of the most unexpected surprises I’ve had and I thought it was sweet. I haven’t seen the gift myself yet but it made me smile.

I haven’t posted because I’ve felt guilty about not exercising and not reading as much for my exams as I wanted to this week.

I’ve done a good amount of work. Socially, I attended meetings and events for Boo Radley, a luncheon, reached out to businesses for an event we’re planning and was generally sociable despite backing out of an event due to an argument I had with someone. I had an interview for a position as a teaching facilitator that I really want. I won’t know the decision until late next month.

I realized I need to be choosier about how I spend my free time with all this stuff going on. There are several areas I want to be successful in and that means giving up on some of the things I like to do, at least during the year.


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