Tales from the bus: #3 Rude people piss me off

I almost let my day be ruined by a rude man on the bus today. I really loathe rudeness. A rude encounter with a stranger can really leave me feeling annoyed and despairing of the state of humanity.

I thought that it was common knowledge that you let people OFF the bus before you get on. It’s the same thing in a lift or when entering a room. Basic courtesy. Apparently, some people didn’t receive much of an education. Today, I was right in the doorway, about to step of the bus, when the OLDER man waiting at the bus stop just pushed his way right onto the bus, shoving me aside. I was so furious, that as I got off, I told him he was a moron who should know to let people off. I don’t understand why people are so unpleasant to each other in public – what is the rush to get on the bus? It made it worse that this was an older man. I feel older people should know better than to behave like savages, and that men should be particularly respectful of women. I let anyone, male or female, off the bus first, but it particularly grates on my nerves when men are rude to women.

That’s my rant for today. I’d had pleasant interactions all day with people, at the supermarket, at an open-air market, and meeting one of the rude characters who rides the bus had me fuming for a few minutes before calming down.


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