Day 11: When exhaustion sets in

Exercise: 0 min. It’s OK. It’s been a long day, with barely enough time to eat and drink coffee.

Social: 210 min. Boo Radley meeting, committee meeting, conversations in the office. When you become more sociable, people start wanting to talk to you more and more. Sometimes, it’s a very inconvenient time (I had work to do all afternoon), but it’s kind of rude just to brush someone off when they’re just trying to be friendly and collegial. I know that I used to get a bit irritable sometimes when some co-workers would plug their headphones in, plough through work and ignore any attempts at conversation. I understand both sides: some days, you just have a lot to do and want to get it done so that you’re free at home. But I also think offices should be friendly places and that we miss opportunities to befriend the people we see all the time by taking on these hostile attitudes. So I joked with my colleagues, listened a little longer than I wanted to, and took loner to finish my work.

Work: 120 min. On teaching prep, my own work too, but mainly lesson planning. Today’s class was tough, I spoke for the greater part of two hours in an overheated classroom and it was a struggle to keep students’ attention at times. There were good moments of discussion but I saw a phone out and someone falling asleep and was kind of irritated for a minute before just brushing it off and continuing calmly.

Total time: 330 min

I got home at 11 PM tonight. I just want to go to sleep, feel refreshed when I wake up and have a productive day tomorrow.

Bonne nuit.


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