Day 7: Are you ready for what you ask for?

Exercise: 30 min
Work: 200 min (preparing for classes, teaching, etc)
Social: 60 min talking to various people
Total: 290 min

I submitted my application to be a teaching facilitator at new teacher orientation in the Fall last night. Today I was very happy to receive an e-mail calling me for an interview.

I have a full social calendar this weekend – meeting friends, Boo Radley events, etc. I feel a bit overwhelmed, especially since the more social I am, the more people seem to invite me to do things. Someone asked me to have dinner this weekend, and I really want to say yes, I’m just not sure my schedule can take it. All these are good things, and when I find myself feeling stressed and wanting to complain about how there’s too much, I remind myself that I WANT THIS. I am going to have a good weekend, go out and enjoy myself.


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