Day 6: Social storm

I’m so tired I can barely write this. It has been a long, busy day, and a productive one.

Exercise: 0 min And that’s OK. I had a million other things to do today.
Work: 420 min Yes. Working on my reading list, doing research, giving feedback on papers, preparing a pretty PowerPoint.
Social: 90 min First Boo Radley meeting. Quite the experience! It felt very much like joining a sorority in some ways, but with very inclusive and diverse people. The energy in the room lifted my spirits after a long day. They made new members feel really welcome and even though I was tired by the end of it, I’m glad that I went out, socialized with a lot of new people and was a little bit brave (this normally is not something I’m comfortable with at all) after a busy day when normally I would just go home and watch TV.
Love life: 0 min After today, I think it’s safe to say “I don’t have time for that now” is not an excuse.

Total time: 510 minutes

And after today, my calendar got fuller. I have plenty of work to do tomorrow, things to sort out around the house, exercise to relax. And socially, my calendar is full all week. Which is what I wanted – it’s both fantastic, and a little overwhelming. I’m going to be brave and dedicated to my decision to be more social. I’m going to go to every event I’ve said “Yes” to. And STILL get my work done well.

Good day overall. I got home at about 11 pm after a day of dizzying introductions and interactions. I was heading home when the snow storm was in full swing, so I waded through still clean, sparkling snow that was like sand.


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