Day 2: Landmark!

Boo Radley Society

I am so happy right now. A couple of weeks ago, I applied to join the Boo Radley society (a group that performs random acts of kindness) on my campus. The process was more formal than I had anticipated, and after being invited for an interview, I dressed up in business casual clothes, did my best and waited for a decision. Well, the e-mail came today, with good news. I am a new member of Boo Radley! Our first meeting is on Tuesday night. I am so excited. This is a landmark for me. I’ve been in professional organizations before, but never really belonged to a group whose purpose is more social than academically/professionally oriented. I wanted this so much and I’m really happy right now.


  • Academic: 143 min

Read some articles on second language acquisition, did the homework carefully, and learned something new.

Read articles on a Marseillais film-maker, including a critical article about his work and the contradictions within it – realism/utopia and the Brechtian quality of his work that prevents it from becoming mawkishly nostalgic. Good stuff.

  • Health/Fitness: 150 min

My shoulders were SORE after 30 minutes of circuit training, but I felt a lot more clear-headed and ready for the rest of my day.

I spent two hours getting meals ready for the next few days. I have a bean curry, stuffed peppers, all ready to eat over the next few days. All I have to do tomorrow is make caulirice (first attempt!).

  • Social life: 36 min

Spoke to my dad on the phone. Enjoyed it a lot. This may not seem like a lot, but it counts toward rapport building and is a huge step considering the state of our relationship even two years ago. Gosh, I was such an ungrateful brat.

  • Love life: 0 min

Total: 329 min


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