What have I done?

Day 1

  • 30 min circuit training
  • 120 min working on teaching materials (exams, handouts, study guides)
  • 0 min on my social life
  • 0 min on my love life

Total: 150  min

Which opportunities have I turned down recently?

  • Dinner with casual friend + attending multicultural talent show (last week)
  • Dinner with colleagues (Friday night)

What did I miss out on?

  • Getting to know someone I find interesting and the people I work with better
  • Getting to socialize and meet new people at a fun event

Did I have a good reason for saying “no”?

Not really. The same excuses we make about any other area of life – I’m too tired, it’s too cold outside, I’m in a bad mood, I felt rejected or disappointed by another person so I hate the world.





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